Help a friend along on their Career Path ~

Refer them to us ~ We pay for referrals – we Pay CASH

Have a friend that’s a Partner or an Associate looking for a new professional home?  You can feel confident in referring them to Kindred Consultants. We pay generous referral fees for successful placement referrals!

•$1,000 for Associate and $2,000 for Partner referrals resulting in a direct hire placement*

•Refer your friends to Kindred Consultants by completing a referral form or contact us directly.

•For each friend we place in a contract/temp position, we pay a $250 referral.

•Referral Fees for direct hire referrals are paid after the referred hire has been on active payroll for 60 days. Referral Fees for temporary placements are paid after the referred employee has worked 100 hours.

•Referral Fees are not taxable income – we pay gross = CASH.

•Since there may be duplication of names referred to us, both from other people providing referrals, and by our own recruiters who may already be working with a candidate, Kindred Consultants reserves the right at its sole discretion to determine if a referral fee is due, at the time the referral is made – when you contact us directly – we will take care of the system requirements.