Benefits of using Kindred Consultants for all your Legal Recruiting and Staffing needs – Temporary Contract Attorney/Paralegal needs and Partner/Associate/Counsel Permanent Search:

Competitive Fees and Hourly Rates

We have low-overhead and know the demands of the market, we offer competitive rates based on the market and needs of our clients.

We offer Class-A office Space for 25+ document review project needs:
Office space is expensive, but it can be very useful when it comes to needing “space” for over 3 months+ for document review or case project needs for housing attorney’s on a full-time contract bases.  We have the most competitive rates per person/hour rates when incorporating office needs for large doc-review projects.  Downtown Class-A office space with cubicles/phone and electricity with break-room space, Marta access nearby. Call us for a free estimate!

Projects Document Review
Outsourcing projects of a short or long term length of time can help your business determine costs up front. Plus, project contract teams can focus on the project at hand and move on at its completion.  We can offer a Team-Leader on site for every group project and Quick turnaround for any size project. 

KC has a large network of experienced attorneys available to accommodate your last minute requests. Already pre-screened before we submit them to you. We have over 180 candidates in our database with proven performance records for contract staff requirements.

Background & Reference Checks
Our perm and contract candidates are pre-screened and well qualified to meet your skills requirements, and we meet every candidate for your perm positions ourselves, we do not just flip and submit resumes.  We ensure that all candidates have successfully passed our stamp of approval before referring them to you.

Temp-to-Hire Options
We offer Temp-to-Hire as a way for our clients to assess a candidate’s fit for a position before committing to a direct hire need. Temp-to-Hire allows both the employer and the candidate to see if this is the right fit for both, to ensure both parties are happy with the job being done and the culture of the person and company are a match, before making a final decision.

Recurring Projects
We thrive on our referral system, so we welcome recurring projects.  If you have recurring projects or temporary needs, we can help you save the time to train new employees. You can request a particular contract associate every time or request a certain team, and we will keep track of what groups or persons work well for your team and send the same contractors when available.